April 25, 2009

Hurleyville-Sullivan First,
the Frederick A. Cook Society and
the Sullivan County Historical Society
hosted a mural dedication
at the Sullivan County Museum and
a ribbon-cutting ceremony
at the former St. Mary's Mission Church.

Hurleyville-Sullivan First is restoring the church
for use as a community center.

We spent the morning getting the church ready for our guests
and setting up the window mural for the dedication.

Helen and Rebecca Budrock helped hang
the new banner for www.hurleyvilleny.com.

MaryAnn Geary-Halchak showed Albee Bockman around the church.

Jack Halchak, Charlie Payne and Ralph Burger,
members of the Hurleyville Fire Department,
were on hand for the event.

MaryAnn Geary-Halchak, Denise Sullivan,
Ginger McCarthy and Jim Sullivan
were ready to greet our guests.

Laurie Kilgore and Tobi Magnetico showed their mural
commemorating the 100th Anniversary of
Frederick Cook's return from the North Pole
to his nephew, Warren Cook, president of the Frederick A. Cook Society.

Everyone gathered for the dedication and ribbon-cutting.
Sullivan County Legislator Jodi Goodman welcomed our guests.

Warren Cook and Russell Gibbons,
executive director of the Frederick A. Cook Society,
spoke at the dedication of the mural.

Denise Sullivan, president of Hurleyville-Sullivan First,
spoke about our efforts to
preserve and restore the church before inviting
everyone to join in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by refreshments.
Everyone had an opportunity to see the progress
we're making on our restoration project.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a very special day for Hurleyville.

Leni Santoro of Catskill Delaware Publications...thank you for your photos.

Watch our progress on this site.
Please join us if you have time to help.