Reception at Kutsher's Country Club - July 9, 2004

Francis S. Currey and Irving Kuskin
Mr. Kuskin is one of the five soldiers rescued by Mr. Currey.

Mrs. Currey

Ralph Berger presents an original portrait to Mr. Currey.

Mr. Currey and the 30th Infantry Division Historical Honor Guard

Mr. Currey and Joe Collura

Eleanor Orlowsky and Francis S. Currey

Ed Orlowsky, John Miller and Bill Carlson

Ed Orlowsky, John Miller, Francis S. Currey and Bill Carlson

Mr. Currey, Ray Devoe and Robert Barry

Mr. Currey and Louann Rexford

Mr. Currey, Collette Behan and Miranda Behan

Phil Featherbay, Mr. Currey, Robert Barry and Bob Cole

Seckie Silberman Dole, Francis S. Currey and Sonia Silberman Weinstein

Mr. Currey and Robert Barry